Classical enamel watch dial

Only handmade, traditional techniques. High temperatures (700-800 degrees Celcius). Enamel represents exquisite, spanning over many centuries type of art that is appreciated by the majority but that is only under control of a few. Enamel watch dials made using classical canons are symbols of historical heritage.

Classical enamel dials feature high contrast, high accuracy and thin lines. It is a very miniature work. Only experienced calligraphy artists, etchers and, of course, enamel workers are involved in making them. Buying watches with these dials you can be sure that a lot of hours of hard work is input in it. This technology has been completely lost. After many years of work it was reconstructed by the most distinguished watch companies of the world.

International watch museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland).

Pocket watches with a classical enamel clock face. Despite the long age of watches, the clock face always looks as new.

Our manufacturing production could not avoid creating classical enamel clock faces. We make both one color and multi-color versions.